About Us

Strawberry-Red-Velvet-Cupcakes1We love to bake and to create cakes for special events from scratch using the finest organic ingredients we can find. We believe that the better the ingredient the better the taste.We are always looking for new organic products and ideas for our cupcakes.We are a new company and are enthusiastic about what we do and our cakes.

We supply organic cupcakes made just for you for any special occasion, event or celebration and will work with you from initial idea to final design. We can also supply cupcakes for bakeries,delis and food halls.

All our cakes are baked fresh to order and delivered to you for your special occasion so are naturally best eaten on the day but will last a day or so more than that if cared for in airtight containers.

Some of the events and occasions we cater for include weddings, personal events, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, new arrivals, christenings, thankyou’s, retirements and seasonal events

The list of toppings and styles you can have are endless so why not drop us a line and tell us what you are looking for and let us provide you with your dream cupcake which tastes as good as it looks!

Please note that whilst we use as many organic products and ingredients as we can, there may be occasions when to obtain a certain colour for a cake topping we have to use non-organic products but this is kept strictly to a minimum and only where an organic ingredient cannot be sourced.